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I'm an entrepreneur to the core. I founded my first business about 17 years ago. I'm passionate about Internet technology, value cycles, customer decision journeys and future business models. I'm always experimenting and exploring. I landed to nature based tourism when I founded Tervarumpu together with my wife Marika in 2010. My focus in Tervarumpu is business planning, concept planning and process planning. Tervarumpu is experimentation platform for my new concepts.

Typically you can bump in to me while I'm doing the maintenance rounds in Repovesi or Verla. Doing something concrete with my hands gives me great contrast to my normal days filled with all sorts of intangibles from concepts to Internet technology. In addition to maintenance, you can find me occasionally guiding groups of hikers and paddlers an certified national park guide. 

Main interests: Hiking, photography, MTB, movies and a lot more. Being a father of two clever and lively boys narrows the things you time for down a bit though. 


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